Pluie/Noir Podcast 024


Sound by Ficção De:Mente
Visual Interpretation by Jav Arshad
Video by Max Binski
Pluie/Noir Podcast is a bi-monthly audio-visual episode representing our work as an artist collective. Each episode will feature a one hour collage/mix by one of our producers/djs and a poster triptych by one of our designers. 
We interviewed both artists and dropped some questions about their vision:
Ah, the other side of Diogo Magalhães. Who or what is this persona about?
it's the same guy, just experimenting a bit more and feeling a bit more free.
Is this your way of getting out of the 4/4 standards and tunnel something more expressive and emotional?
it's exactly it. i try as i said experimenting a bit more and not feeling the "pressure" to make people dance. just trying to impress them with sound..if they can dance to it, perfect. and yes i try to express my..let's say..more intimate feeling into it. i guess that happens even if i don't want to because of the way i record. the tracks are done more fast so i think the direct feeling of the moment is more present in the tracks. that wouldn't be true for a track u would normally work for more time i guess.
How do you work on this project?
in the moment i use mostly for this alias the modular system. i've been discovering this new world and really feel comfortable with it. i play with it and when i think there's something to be recorded...just push the button. then i process the recordings and add what i feel to it.
How did you record this podcast? What can you tell us about it?
i just picked some tracks and arranged them, some samples and again, used the modular almost during the entire session that's about it.
2013, a promising year?
i try not to hope too much, but let's see what 2013 brings. it will be an exciting year i think. some good things about to happen. 
A big hello to a new comer. How are you Jav?
HI! I'm fantastic, thanks for having me!
How did you discover pluie/noir?
It was meant to be lol. Of course the connection was made through music. I'm a big TC Studio advocate, and stumbled across Cleymoore/ Bruno's amazing work, through which i stumbled on to P/N.
Are you a graphic artist for a long time now or is it a recent adventure?
This adventure has definitely been quite a recent one and in a few short weeks it has been just that; an adventure. Photography being my forte, I definitely feel that I have a different way of the way I see things, and that has seemed to morphed into a blossoming love to begin connecting pen with paper, just to see what comes out on the other side!
You started your visual interpretation as an homage to pluie/noir. What can you tell us about your triptych?
Having browsed through the P/N webpage, the only thing that repeatedly stood out to me was the infamous P/N teardrop symbol. Being a big fan of the label, seeing it bring together so many shapes/ forms/ sounds of talent, that I felt the best piece to showcase would be the teardrop itself, along with the inspiration I got from Diogo's music.
As i wanted to create cohesion across the triptych i extended the piece sideways to continue the 'scribbling' which to me represents the underground/ unusual unique aspect of p/n, while the teardrop itself (to me) is showcasing Diogo's story in sound in tandem to what is P/N.
How's 2013 looking to you?
Not too sure yet which direction 2013 is headed, but I'm hoping it's full of music, art, photography, whatever shape they may come my way in!
And also definitely looking to go on vacation! It's been awhile!
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